K&F Concept Nano-X Series 2pcs (ND2-32 & ND32-512) (1-5 and 5-9 Stops) VND Filter

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  • Function - Adjustable ND2-32 and ND32-512 filters slow down the shutter speed by 1-5 and 5-9 f-stops respectively to extend the exposure time, ideal for video recording
  • Multi-layer coating - Made of high-quality Japanese optical glass, double-sided 28-layer nano-coating, sandblasting and oxidation, reducing lens reflection and removing glare. Thereby greatly reducing the glare phenomenon caused by the reflection of the external defense line of the long-time exposure lens, ensuring the first-class imaging quality. Waterproof, oilproof and dustproof at the same time
  • No X-Effect - Variable ND filter frame has min to max locking mechanism and scale value for precise adjustment. The filter can only be rotated about halfway through the min-max range without an X appearing - this limitation is due to physics. (X phenomenon is unavoidable for super wide-angle lenses in the 20mm range)
  • No Vignetting - The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, with a super wide-angle structure design, and the thickness is only 7.6mm, ensuring that there will be no vignetting when using the 16mm wide-angle end
  • CNC Trapezoid Frame - The surface of the frame is designed with a CNC trapezoidal pattern, which increases rotational friction and facilitates installation and removal